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Hello everyone!

My name is Alexis and I am soon to be 18 years old. I am a senior and graduating in 2022 and was researching my options to becoming an airline pilot! Through reading through some of the responses ,I have read that most of the mentors recommend getting a degree in a non aviation related field kind of like a backup.

I was originally hoping to attend Embry Riddle but due the the cost I am not. I am deciding to attend a community college for 2 years then transfer to a 4 year to secure my bachelors. I plan on working throughout that whole period just to save up as much money as I can even though I may end up financing regardless.

I wanted to ask would you recommend ATP’s flight training for after you receive your bachelors? It seems like a very good program , I am just trying to research my options.


Welcome to the forum. All of the mentors here are ATP graduates and successful airline pilots, so we will of course be biased on this. That being said, all of us got what we needed to be successful pilots by going through ATP’s program and volunteer our time on this forum because we believe in the program.

I went to college and got a four year degree first, my degree is in business administration. From there I went to ATP to finish the rest of my ratings (I was already a private pilot whenI started ATP). The program worked exactly as advertised for me. But, you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the “Student Experiences” section here: Student Experiences - Airline Pilot Life and ATP’s placement page here: Airline Hiring & Placements / ATP Flight School.


It sounds like you’re right on track with your game plan towards becoming an airline pilot. As Chris said, all the mentors on the forum did go through ATP’s program. We were once in your position with a goal of becoming and airline pilot and researching how to do that. We all chose ATP. I did because of its fixed cost and program duration. I knew if I put in the work, I’d finish on time (faster than anywhere else) and with the ratings I needed on a budget I knew ahead of time. We all successfully completed the program and now are here to help guide others to a successful path to the airlines.
As you do your research keep in mind, it’s a very challenging program and not for everyone. It’s for the most dedicated and driven students ready to do whatever it takes to be a successful airline pilot.

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