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I plan on starting flight school (probably ATP) immediately after college in June 2025, if not a couple months earlier. I know some people have recommended getting all the written tests out of the way before starting the program. I want to get started with the written tests this summer when I don’t have schoolwork. I have absolutely zero experience and I’m starting with zero time. What are the literal first couple steps to do when trying to start completing the written tests? Also, does anyone have any good studying programs online that they thought helped them a lot with their writtens? What are the written tests that have to be completed that are recommended to get out of the way before actually starting flight school? I probably confused yall with some of these questions so if anyone needs me to clarify what I mean, let me know. Anyone feedback helps. Thanks everyone!!!


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I forgot to add something,

I know everybody is different, but what’s a reasonable amount of tests I can get done this summer (about 3 and a half months)? I plan on putting my head down and grinding out as much as I can. Thanks :slight_smile:



If you don’t plan on starting flight school until 2025, we recommend you wait. Each written exam has a 2 year expiration date attached. If you don’t complete the associated checkride within that two years, you have to re-take the exam.

Once you get within 6-9 months of starting, you can start working on the written exams. There are 7 total, and the more you can get done the better off you’ll be. There are a lot of different prep guides from textbooks to apps for an iPad. The most popular are Sportys and ASA.



I would absolutely wait until 2024 to start working on the writtens. When you do: Get Ahead By Taking FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting ATP / ATP Flight School


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I didn’t know that there is a 2-year expiration date for all the written tests. Appreciate the advice when it does come time to begin. Thanks again :slight_smile:



As the others mentioned, I’d wait until you’re about 6-9 months from enrollment to start working on the writtens. That is plenty of time to complete all of the required writtens for the program. :slight_smile: