Flight School Prep

Hi! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have about a year and a half before I plan to begin flight school (most likely ATP) and I’m just wondering if there is anything specific I should be doing or working on in this time frame. Thanks in advance for the help!


There really isn’t much you can do at that stage. If you haven’t flown in a small aircraft, we recommend you do that at some point. It’s very different from riding as a passenger in the back of an Airbus.

Once you’re within about 6-9 months you can begin the steps for enrollment, applying for financing, completing an intro flight and training center tour and getting your first class medical. Start dates fill up so best to get one secured months early. Once your start date is set, you can begin working on your written exams.



Welcome to the forum, I like to recommend starting the writtens at least 6 months prior to program start once you have an enrollment date, since they are good for 24 months. I would say start looking at financing 9 months out because financing can take some time. Once you get the financing, complete the introductory flight like Hannah mentioned. If things stay the same, once you have financing application approved, your introductory flight is free. Then start your FAA First Class Medical Certificate.



Once you are about a year out, I would start working on the writtens. Until that time, there really is not much that you can do.