Flight simulator

Hi guys

Which flight simulator do you suggest to practice at home? Which support? There is something valid for VR headset?


I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and HP Reverb G2 VR headset. The headset and simulator go really well together, really can not get more realistic than that. Other than of course the real plane :grinning:

I think the pilot mentors would recommend not using a flight simulator for practice:


My son is awesome at Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty but he’s a scary driver and I would not want to go into a war zone with him.

If you want to learn to fly take flight lessons.


Of course it will never replace the real training or the real feeling. But maybe it can be usefull to do some practice.


Flight Simulator, any of them, are not in any way useful for practice. They are video games and just that, games. They ar win no way helpful for learning to fly. In fact, they teach bad habits and in my opinion do more ham than good.



The only flight simulator you should spend time on to practice is the FAA certified device in the flight school. Any computer games with flying depicted are just a distraction.



As Hannah mentioned, the only simulator that you should consider for flight training is one that is approved by the FAA. These can be from BATD to AATD, to full motion simulators. Now I’m not saying go and spend $10,000 on a Redbird because with that money you could almost complete your Private Pilot License. Schools like ATP have professional and commercial licenses with developers like X-Plane, Redbird, PFC, etc. that provide the tools and software for simulator training. See below link for the equipment that ATP uses:

Again, this is another reason I highly recommend a program like ATP because if the simulator is open, you’re pretty much free to utilize it as a tool for your own development. Not many schools have this opportunity like ATP.