Flying commercial and deployment

Hey guys I know advancement is based on seniority, so i just wanted to know how airlines handled deployment situations. If i am a part of the reserves and i get activated what would happen when i return.


The airlines respect military deployment and you will continue to build seniority for as long as you’re gone. So what will happen when you return is you will annoy many pilots, PARTICULARY if you can upgrade. Nothing more annoying than a pilot who’s been gone for 5yrs, comes back, slides into a Capt’s slot. The pilots who’ve been here struggling with crappy schedules will be annoyed, the FO’s who’ve been waiting for that slot and know the airplane and system better than you do will be annoyed. Just lots of annoyed pilots. BUT you’ve been serving your country while they’ve been home enjoying their families and “living under the blanket of the very freedom you provide” (in my best Jack Nicholson) so I wouldn’t give it a second thought :slight_smile:


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Great! Thanks for the reassurance Adam