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question ? when auto pilot is disengaged, does auto thruttle
also disengage too

from elena


On all of the airplanes that I have flown, they are independent systems and turning off one does not mean that the other must be turned off.


Will then I guess , that auto throttle is managed thru the FMC

Even if AP Is disconnected,


Hello just one question, when is speed brakes engaged



No. The auto throttle system is a separate system unto itself. It can receive inputs from the FMC, but it is its own system.

Speed brakes are engaged when we either need to slow down quickly or descend quickly, or upon landing to destroy lift and help the airplane stop more quickly.


Hello so whats the starting salary for a pilot


Depends what kind of pilot we’re talking about. Here are some articles in our FAQ section to help:


Hi I just want to say thank you to all you gentalmen

For the answers and if its ok for a few more questions

About aircrafts, its all very exciting for me, and your responds

Excites me even more,

Thanks again elena


You are welcome. Let us know how else we can help you.


Hello when checking the rudders on the Airbus

How can one tell that the tail is actually moving

Left and right ?



There is a graph display in the cockpit that shows the deflections of thew various flight controls.


Oh thank you Chris that’s a good thing ,to see the movements
Thru a monitor , wowww

Thank you


It’s not a monitor and you’re not actually seeing the flight control surfaces move. It’s as Chris says a display that illustrates the movement detected by sensors. See below:


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oh yes thank you Troy I saw the display one can actually see all of the flight control systems

thank you Adam that’s just great to see even the speed brakes and all

hi those CRJs are beautiful :grin::wave: