Hey everyone. I’m starting February 18th in Wilmington DE. Which ForeFlight subscription do we need to get? Thanks in advance.


Per ATPs website Basic is the minimum but most students apparently prefer the Pro.

If you have your writtens done reach out to ATP because they now give credit to your ForeFlight Basic subscription for having them done but not sure how that works for Pro if they give you a discount on tuition as “reimbursement” or if they have a code for the Basic.

Ill be seeing you soon as my PPL checkride should be by the end of the year (yea its been a year of delays) and ill be looking at starting around your time.

That’s basically what I was thinking. I’ll get the Pro. I’m still working on my instrument written so it’s coming out of my pocket. A lot of info with the instrument written. Taking me a little longer than I expected.