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Forum Survey #2

Please tell us:

  1. How did you first discover this website?

  2. Is there another mode of communication that you would like to see offered (Facebook, Instagram, etc), or do you prefer this forum based website?

Thank you for your responses!

Found it on the atp website, and I personally prefer it here as I am not active on any social media platforms although I realize that may not be the popular opinion


Thank you for the response.


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  1. I was googling something (I can’t remember exactly what it was) and Google suggested a thread on this site that answered my question. I continued to explore a couple more threads before signing up. I actually received my Anniversary badge yesterday :grin:.

  2. I don’t have any social media so it would be nice if y’all kept this website as the primary means of communication but I understand if y’all move elsewhere.

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  1. I found this website when searching up some aviation related questions. Once I discovered this forum, I also discovered ATP flight school.
  2. Although I have Instagram, I would much prefer this forum to be website-based.
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Al and Ronald,

Thank you for your feedback. We have no plans to move to another forum, but are just checking to make sure that this still works best for everybody.


  1. I found this website while looking into ATP, I think I was here for a few weeks before I first
  2. I honestly like this platform because it allows me to go directly to whatever topic I search for, so I don’t have to sift through a social media platform to find something. i wouldn’t mind a social media platform for airline updates, or industry news or something like that, but for FAQ and Q&A I like this platform.


Thank you for the feedback.


  1. I just searched “pilot forums” on Google like 5 years back, only made an account recently

  2. I don’t think instagram will fare well since there isn’t room for communication there, just photos. As for FB, I believe there is already a Facebook group for atp students that has around 4k members there, it’s very helpful. I visit/post there sometimes to try and help with other students questions that I can answer.

So everything being the way it is now is great!


Thank you for the feedback.


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  1. Via ATP’s website - either right before I started or when I was in the student pilot phase, can’t remember. I’m pretty sure I saw it in a Google search or two, so the SEO is working.

  2. Not really. The email updates are good and come in at an appropriate interval. The majority of social media platforms wouldn’t allow the length of discussion necessary for effective communication – except for Facebook, in which case you’d be competing with the already established Students and Alumni group. And while that’s not run by ATP and they can’t exercise the level of oversight that the company probably prefers, it’s still very pro-ATP and is more of a grassroots feel, which is a good thing. The combination of this forum and that group work together well.

I finished about a year and a half ago (really, two, but instructor checkride delays stretched out due to DPE availability), but still come by once or twice a month to read. You, Adam, and Tory have been genuinely helpful and I’m appreciative of your commentary (and Jordan’s, when she drops by).

If you’d like some feedback: two things I would’ve liked to see more is a perspective from somebody leading Training (I can think of one of your CFI instructors who would be particularly insightful), and maybe some lower hour pilots. I’m still hour building as a Part 135 EAS pilot, and I would’ve liked to have heard from somebody in my position when I was in training. While your insights have been really valuable, hearing from someone a little closer to where you’re at can be helpful too. Come to think of it, if ATP would like the help, I could probably even assist with that. I think I finished with a reasonably good record, haha.

I’d be glad to discuss any of this more via PM or email if you like. I think we may even already be connected on Facebook, can’t remember.

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Thank you for the feedback. Please check your private messages.