Survery: How to Improve the Forum?

We have been running this forum for about a year and a half, combined with its predecessor forum Adam and I have been mentoring for over eleven years and Tory has been adding his valuable input for the last several months. Over that time we have seen a lot of changes, both in the airline and training industries and in the technology that enables us to mentor. As part of our goal of effectively mentoring we need to make sure that we are helping you, the potential future pilot, in the best way possible.

This is your chance to tell us where you think the forum could be improved. How could we better mentor you? Are our answers what you are looking for? Does the forum software work well with your devices? What would help take this forum to the next level?

So have at it, give us the good, the bad, and the ugly because we are listening and eager for your input.


For me, this forum has been so very helpful. I have only had to ask one question on here because you all go above and beyond when you answer others’ questions. I’m sure next summer when my time to attend ATP gets closer, I’ll have more questions, but so far I have found answers to every question I’ve had right here in this forum. Whatever changes may come, I hope you all keep your brutal honesty, because I have found those replies to be the most helpful and encouraging. Thank you guys for all you’ve done on here!

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I can’t really say much about how you may imporve the forum but I do believe you should keep doing what you are doing. This forum is helping many people, not just in the United States but everywere. There’s no other webiste more helpful then airline pilot life. You guys have really helped me prepare for the future. Everytime I read what’s on here, it motivates me to do my best in school. There’s one more thing that I believe would really help on the forum, which would be to add more pilots. When I say there should be more pilots on the forum, I mean more pilots from different levels and airlines.

This forum has been an invaluable resource, and it has been (at times) fantastic entertainment. All the pilot mentors do an excellent job, and have a funny way of balancing each others personalities out.

Honestly, the best improvement would be to reduce some of yalls work load answering the same questions over and over. Not entirely sure how that would be accomplished, but it would definitely improve the forum.

The forum has been awesome! The only thing I suggest is giving more opinion based insight on the industry? We know the about the pay (more or less), general info about regionals (at least we should), and what have you. I’m thinking more of where the industry is headed and what outlooks are right now (understandably, that too can only go so far). That’s from a content standpoint (not sure how/what can be said since there are names and a face to your respective companies).

Software, everything works fine for me. Haven’t ran into any problems.

Possibly get more mentors? Having Tory is awesome. Diversity of opinions, do’s and don’t’s from many different people would only benefit the forum!

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for all of your compliments and suggestions. For those who haven’t commented yet, please do so :slight_smile:



While I appreciate what you’re saying, we ALLL wish we had crystal balls. This industry can and often is fickle and volatile. I know I often come off sounding negative but the truth is I’ve seen some really good times and some really bad. I know many pilots who try and figure out the industry and maneuver their careers and it simply can’t be done. There’s just too many variables. All you can do is work hard and hope for the best. You guys are all starting at an amazing time. Best advice I can give is ride it till it bucks you. Don’t procrastinate. Get hired, get on a seniority list and keep moving up because seniority is really the best insurance you can get.


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I like the idea of adding a little fun to it as well, such as the favorite livery survey. Maybe come up with some topic once a week or so to get a conversation going amongst everyone would be neat. And Adam, don’t change how you answer, sometimes the truth hurts! Haha



You’re 100% correct! Talking to a few of my buddies from AA’s wholly owned, he said that the flow is usually consisting of pilots from the “lost decade”. What saved them from getting furloughed was the flow-back. Moral of the story, seniority saved them. Not ideal by any means, but it’s better than losing your job completely.

Also, I have to ask since I saw this the other day on APC. First year FO pay at Hawaiian is $36/hr. I did a double-take when I saw that at first. What did you have to do to make it work when you went there or was it completely different FO pay since it’s been a few years?



What I had to do was re-tighten that belt. Maybe it’s just rationalization but to me an airline career is a marathon not a sprint. You have to look at your long term goals, quality of life etc. Hawaiian was where I wanted to spend my career so that part was easy. As for the finances while I took a hit on that first year pay, I’ve been there less than 5 yrs and I’ll be upgrading to Capt this month. Average it out and the numbers make a little more sense but yes it was tough.



Must’ve been a difficult thing to do at first as it must’ve been easier said than done, but it just goes to show you that nothing is impossible if you really want it. The music staff at my Drum Corps always said “if you want it bad enough, you’ll make a way. If not, you’ll make an excuse.” That can be applied to anything really.

Again, congrats on the captain upgrade! Let us know how training goes!