Getting hired by REGIONAL without a degree?

Im in the process of applying to ATP. Since i would be quitting my current job I definetly have plenty of concerns. My main concern is that I dont have either a 2yr or 4yr degree. Now ATP as told me that regionals dont require any degree. My plan would be to first get hired by one of the regionals with the flow program and later on while working as a pilot get a 2yr degree online. What are the chances of getting hired by a regional without a degree? And since I would be in a flow program to majors would I even need a degree after that since the flow is an automatic flow straight to majors?

You won’t have issues at the regional level but you will when you get to the majors. They like to see 4 year degrees


The Regionals do not require a degree nor do the Majors. HOWEVER, the Majors ALL prefer a degree and will give preference to those that have one. If you were to get hired by a Regional with a flow sure you could get to THAT single Major without a degree. What you need to know is you’d literally be putting all your eggs in that one basket. If that Major slows hiring, cancels the flow (which is possible) or simply bang heads with the wrong person, then you’re stuck and you’ll be scrambling to get one.

I think a better plan is get trained, get hired and start working on your FOUR YEAR degree. If the flow works great and education is never a bad thing. BUT if it doesn’t you’ll have options and in this industry that’s always a good thing.


Hey joshua what i dont understand is imagine i get hired by psa envoy or piedmont without a degree i would be automatically be place in the flow program. After that how is a degree going to change my status inside the flow? I dont think it has any effect on that.

Your right, you could bank on being accepted in the flow. If you started training right now you could be at envoy in under 3 year and maybe get chosen to flow to AA around 7 years from now, but what if on year 6, AA changes how the flow works and either your airline is dropped from said flow or the flow changes, and now you can’t flow without a degree? What then!

Joshua is correct - We were told about the Piedmont/AA flow but a friend of ours said it is a contract and when the time runs out, it may not renew. But I have seen success with the program, just feel it is not a solid solution so we are looking at best, most promising paths.


You do not need a degree at all for the regional airlines. You are correct that if you get into one of AA’s flow programs, you will not need a degree to flow over. Keep in mind that that could change and that you are limiting your major airline options to just AA.

Also, a two year degree is not really a degree, think of it as a half way there certificate. The majors will want to see a full, four year degree.