Getting Your Hours

Is it possible to reach the 90-100 hour mark at the regionals per month? I know for like PSA you’re guaranteed 75 hours, but was wondering if they let you fly more. I don’t mind putting in the work to fly those hours.

Plus a little update on my training. I got my private back in April and I’m currently working on my instrument stuff. The rate I’m at now I should be at CFI school in July, making my program 5 months from zero time!


Yes. Take a look at my schedules. I was very busy last summer when there was a lot of extra flying to pick up. Now, we have good coverage. So, there isn’t as much extra flying available. You’ll notice my flight time dropped ever since October of last year.



That is amazing progress. Keep up the hard work and you will be flying a jet before you know it :slight_smile: