Going through the steps of getting the certification

What would be some good steps to get into ATP? What are some things to study and some of the best options to pay for it? Thanks in advance


Attached are the steps to enrollment.

That said, you don’t mention any flight experience?
If you have none I strongly recommend an intro flight or lesson. While many people believe they want to fly, until you sit upfront in a small training aircraft you won’t know for certain (it’s kind of like watching football on TV and deciding you want to play for the NFL. Looks easy until you take that first hit).



Linked above is the enrollment process at ATP, as Adam asked, do you have any flight experience? If you answer no, you NEED to take an Intro Flight (and Admissions Flight to ATP) and few lessons to ensure that flying is something you could see yourself doing. Follow Adam’s link and it will get you to the right steps for enrollment at ATP.