GPA Requirements for High School Student

Hello! I am interested in joining ATP after High school but I have been feeling anxious about the GPA requirement. I understand even if I meet the criteria it still would not certify that I am accepted but I have seen that ATP requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, This is a possible issue I’m facing due to having two types of GPA in High school. I have my unweighted GPA which is 3.1 and my weighted which is 2.9. Which one would ATP use to evaluate me and allow me to apply? If ATP does use the weighted will that immediately deny my application at the time of graduation? I am planning to do college after ATP to receive my degree for the legacy airlines.


I believe(?) the unweighted should be fine but you’ll really have to check with admissions and again there still no guarantee of acceptance.

More important we recommend college before training as many find it very challenging to return to school after they’re already flying.



Have you reviewed the admission prerequisites in its entirety? It sounds like you just barely meet the minimums which will be a concern for getting admitted. Not only do you not have 2 years work experience, a degree or a PPL but you just barely meet the GPA minimum as well. Not trying to be a Debbie downer but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were granted admission at this point. You should really consider continuing your education first then pursue flight training. The timing would be similar but it would help you get admitted later on and prepare you for the rigors of the program.



This is a question for Admissions, I recommend giving them a call or emailing to discuss this. Typically, we recommend college prior to flight training; however, everyone’s case is different and sometimes it’s better to get the PPL outside of ATP before entering an accelerated program like ATP.