Hartford Connecticut Location

Any students or CFIs have any experience with the Hartford location?

I think you will find that the locations are all very similar. ATP tries very hard to standardize their locations and provide the exact same educational experiences at each.

Thanks for the quick response Chris. I am considering it as an alternative to Richmond, VA. I toured Richmond, it was very busy, close to 30 students and being class C airspace, we spent more time on the ground than I was used to. I am interested in maximizing airtime while learning and hoping the scheduling availability at a smaller location would have less conflict. Do you feel a smaller atp location has its advantages over the larger ones? I know the ratios are supposed to align, but feel it might benefit me to look into a smaller location?


Totally your call and you should do what works best for you. That said I’m a big fan of training at busier airports. While you may spend more time on the ground you also get much greater exposure to radio comm and dealing with ATC which is a weakness I see in many new pilots (I actually just sent and email to my Chief Pilot asking this be addressed during IOE). I even know a few pilots who washed out of training because they couldn’t keep up comm wise. This is an important skill all airline pilots require and the sooner you’re exposed and get comfortable with it the better.


Thanks Adam for your input. Good point about learning communication experience during IOE.


Thank you but the idea is to have learned it PRIOR to IOE (I want it exercised and clarified), hence my suggestion.


I would really recommend picking the location that is most convenient for you and not giving it much more thought. No matter which location you train at, you will have plenty of exposure to ATC during your training and cross countries.


Thank you for clarifying Adam.

I believe Adam’s point was that ATC communication should be learned long before a pilot gets to IOE at a major airline.

Okay thanks Chris. That’s how I understood it but I may have not showed that correctly in my initial response.

I noticed on other other threads you used to teach at Richmond? How did you like the airport and facilities?
They may just have had a busy time when I was visiting. The Seminole was down for maintenance (one magneto needed replacement) and five checkrides were scheduled around when I was trying to go up. I really like the area and just want another opinion.

I worked at Richmond briefly, but spent most of my time at locations that are now closed. I think that Richmond is a great place to train and instruct. The airspace in that part of Virginia is not too busy, the weather is pretty good and the facilities are great.


Good to hear. Thank you.

Hello there,

I trained at both the HFD and ISP locations, I believe there is a definite benefit to both. While ISP is a busy class C, you are talking to NY controllers, they rapid fire there instructions to you, It really keeps you on the ball, there are more students, and more people to help you if you have struggles, that being said, It is possible for that to be a distraction, In HFD I came in many days and worked quietly in the sim alone. With less students the discussions were more one on one. I know the instructors at both locations, and I can say that they are excellent, if you have any more detailed questions, please feel free to ask, I would be happy to go more into depth. Bottom line, as the mentors say, I really comes down to what works best for you, and your training habits. Best of luck, sorry for the late response.

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Hey! Curious if I could pick your brain a bit about the ATP location at ISP and your personal experience there. Finding it hard to come across people who have experience with this location. Could I possibly send you an email?