Having a past

Hey this one’s for the mentors and specifically Adam since I’ve read your FAQ on criminal history. I got hired by envoy as of yesterday in the interview but still needs to go through to a captain panel. Yay me… but filling out the background check it asked if I’d ever been on probation. I disclosed when in 6th grade I accidentally brought a small knife to school I was given from church and showed a friend. Never spoke to anybody but I guess I was put on 2 week informal probation, record sealed, nothing since. Could this change their decision and even if not will this be a nail in the coffin at a major like Hawaiian or united?

Thanks guys


Apparently you were a problem child but if that’s all you got you’re fine. In fact they’ll probably appreciate your honesty.


I got straightened out near the end. Thanks adam


So you were twelve when this happened? I would not worry about this one bit.


Yes I was haha. Should I even disclose this if it’s sealed?


If a question asks “Have you ever?”, then you need to answer truthfully, even if you were twelve.

But what does “informal probation” mean?


As I understand it. I never spoke to an officer, probation department or need to appear anywhere. Basically some court said be good for two weeks and we’ll forget it. As a twelve year old my life was no different which explains why I didn’t know about it until recently

Are you able to Gert ahold of your juvenile court records? There might not be anything on here to actually report.

I have records reporting they were sealed. Nothing should show up on the background check.

I’ve gone through 2 135 carriers who never mentioned anything to me about it. Just didn’t want to take the chance with a regional

I would try to find out what was actually sealed. Call the juvenile court in that county and get your full record. I am all for being 100% honest, but if you were never actually on probation, then there is nothing to report.