Help with English

Hello, I am 18 years old and I am looking for schools that can make me a pilot but there are many of which I am not sure, please can you help me with the best schools or universities where I can become a pilot. What do you think is bad is that I need one to help me with my English, I have been thinking about school
Could you give me your opinion please?

Hi Alex,

First off I don’t know any flight school that will help you with your English. Being English proficient is a requirement of all pilots and that’s something that should be a part of your regular education. That said if you speak as well as you write, you should be ok as this post is fine.

What I recommend is you spend some time on this forum, particularly the FAQ section. We discuss the process and also answer many popular and common questions. As for which flight school is best, that’s a decision only you can make. This is ATPs forum and all the mentors on here are successful ATP grads. We were all in your position and we concluded ATP was the best option but again that’s your decision.

Finally at 18 I recommend you finish your education. Get a 4yr degree in the subject of your choice. We don’t recommend aviation degree as they offer no backup up or real benefit. After you graduate you can then start your flight training. That should also help with your English.



Before you even look at flight schools, I would recommend spending some time improving your English. Flight schools teach you how to fly, not how to speak English. If you do not have a very firm grasp of the English language, it is highly unlikely that you will be successful in flight school.


At 18 years old, you should pursue a college education. During that four years, not only would you accomplish a bachelors degree that you need for your career, but that’s also four more years to improve on your English. I’m sure there are universities that have English proficiency classes aimed at non-native speakers.