Student advice needed

I am a 17-year-old high school senior. I live in Las Vegas, NV, and looking to become an airline pilot. I am hoping to work for Envoy Air and ultimately start a career with American Airlines. I am confused on what steps to take after high school. I have been researching ATP and it seems like the perfect flight school for my goals. I don’t know if I should attend my local community college (CSN) which offers an AAS in Aviation, and then finish my degree after attending ATP. Or if I should attend a four-year university and then start at ATP. My local university (UNLV) does not offer an aviation-related degree, which I would prefer. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


First I recommend you spend some time over in the FAQ section as that will provide you with a ton of info and answer many of your questions. This is ATPs website so obviously we’re all partial to ATP. That said there are many routes to the airlines and I suggest you do your research and determine which is best for you.

I know you say you’d prefer a degree in aviation but I would give that some thought. You don’t need an aviation degree to be a pilot and if you should have a change of heart (or some unforeseen circumstance outs a damper on your flying plans) it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B.

Do some reading and let us know if there’s any other questions you might have.



Please take a look at the FAQ section as your question is fully addressed there. After that, we would be happy to answer specific questions.


Thanks Adam. I appreciate the advice.