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Hi am I a new!

Hi all,

Here is a story you probably heard before.

I am 44, I have a degree (Criminal Justice) I am a police officer in Atlanta, I do not like being a police officer in Atlanta, I am a US Air Force vet, and want to change my career. (I do have credit for private)

I am all set to start with ATP here in Atlanta in June. I guess my main concern it what sort of work will I be able to get with low hours once I finish training.

I have no expectation of making the same amount of money I do now but how hard is full time work going to be?


Hi Reed,

While your question is a common one I am surprised you haven’t looked for the answer sooner for someone ready to start in a month. The #1 and most common answer to your question is flight instructing. While there are some other jobs for low-time pilots they’re generally few and far between (banner tow, small cargo or charter ops, crop dusting), don’t usually offer the ability to build time quickly and often are dependent on “knowing someone”. One of the things that makes ATP so attractive to many pilots is the fact ATP guarantees their graduates an instructor position. While it will probably involve a pay cut, ATP instructors actually get paid pretty well with incentives these days ($30k+). Once you build the required 1500hrs to fly for an airline you should have no issues getting picked up by a Regional.


Hi Adam,

I knew about the instructor opportunity, it’s the main reason I signed up with ATP. I guess I was just curious about other stuff.

Thanks for the good answer!