How can I use GI bill for ATP?

Can I use any or all of my GI bill towards the ATP course? If so, how?


Unfortunately for the most part you can’t as the govt caps the amount you can use per year. My understanding is you can possibly use some of it to cover examiner fees.


Thanks Adam,

I’ve already used most of it for my heli certs but I still have some left. So if I can use it to cover examiner fees that’s good.

Does that mean that I should exclude those fees when requesting a loan amount?


That’s totally up to you. Personally I prefer to ask for and get approved for more and not sweat it. You don’t have to take it.


Sounds good thanks Adam


Check with Admin, but I’m pretty sure examiner fees are not included in tuition. So, I would not deduct examiner fees from the advertised price.



As current AD, I’ve been considering ATP. If the GI Bill is capped per fiscal year at $14,881 roughly, you should be able to receive these funds to be used at approved training sections. I’d call the VA and talk to them, they’d send the funds either to ATP or to you which you could then pay it through your loan option or direct to ATP, I’d imagine.

Definitely look into it. Most will say it isn’t possible, it absolutely is. A benefit awarded, use it! Thank you for your service.



Because ATP operates under the more flexible CFR part 61 rules, they are unable to accept VA benefits of any kind. This is a ridiculous federal government restriction, not ATP’s policy.


You are completely right, can’t believe I forgot ATP is PAR 61. Hopefully the federal government changes this soon!


Thank you for your service. That would be a great change to open up more avenues to become a pilot. Clearly with this historic shortage, we could use it.


Late to the game here. Go look up RTAG (Rotary to Airline Group) on Facebook, LinkedIn, or their website. Lots of information there on how to use your GI Bill and many other veteran benefits to get your ratings plus info on a lot of schools that are approved to accept them.

Semper Fi