G.I. Bill

I have a little over a year until I’m back in the states and am pretty sure I want to get out of the military and go to ATP. Just wondering if anyone else has done something similar or has used the GI Bill period at ATP

That was mentioned just the other day in another thread on here, the GI Bill can be used to pay examiners fees (around $6,600) at ATP, but cannot be used for tuition. I assume you could put the rest towards a bachelors degree afterwards if you haven’t already got one.


Is it possible to use your parents GI Bill?

I have heard it is sometimes transferable but I don’t have any details on how and what qualifications must be met to transfer to a child/dependent…


You can use your GI benefits to pay for examiner fees, which total around $6,600.

When looking at flight schools that do accept GI benefits keep in mind the extra length of time that they take and how that will affect your seniority in the airlines. A year or two can be a huge difference in your career progression.



You would need to call the admissions department and ask them about that. At a maximum it could be used for examiner fees, but nothing else.



Thanks for the quick reply. That’s unfortunate and not what I wanted to hear at all. That makes me rethink things a little bit but as Chris mentioned I don’t want to really do flight school at a college because of how much time I’ll lose. Tired of fixing planes and want to be the one in the seat already!


Yes you can use your parents GI Bill. Basically they have to have at least 6 years in the military before you do though .