How do I get the ball rolling starting the course

Hi I’m interested in getting started what’s the next step after completing the first questionnaire on the website? I live on Long Island and I’d be attending the MacArthur airport class I’m just wondering where I go to pay for the class and how soon can I start also who should be my primary corespondent ?

Hi Nicholas,

I work in our admissions department, so I am happy to assist.

The first step for most is applying for financing. If needed, you can apply here: Flight Training Loans / ATP Flight School. Once approved, we will invite you out to the training center for a complimentary introductory flight. This is an opportunity for you to come to the facility and meet some of our students and instructors.

If you plan on self-paying, the payment schedule can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Along with financing, you will need to obtain a valid First Class FAA Medical - this is required before reserving a class date. You can utilize this link to find an examiner near you: Some AMEs require that you preregister with the FAA, so I’d recommend doing that before scheduling an appointment. Please visit to receive your FAA confirmation number.

Once the steps above are complete, you’re eligible to reserve a class date. We start new programs every Monday, with the next available being April 4th.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions, feel free to read through the FAQ section or contact our admissions department. (904-595-7950)

I hope this helps,

Hi one question do I need a 1st 2nd or 3rd degree AME for this class ?

I found it in your reply it’s a 1st degree AME thank you

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Along with what Addison said, as a current student I highly recommend completing as many written test as possible before starting the program. This is information I wish I knew before starting which would relieve a lot of stress and study time needed for the written exams alone along with studying for checkrides.



I’ve seen these written tests mentioned in a number of posts. Are these written tests provided to you to complete by ATP? If so, are they provided once you register for a class or can you access them another way?

These are actually FAA tests that need to be taken at a FAA testing center, many ATP locations are such testing centers.

The written tests are an FAA requirements for each rating. Good news is, you can complete them ahead of time. You can buy test prep apps and prep software like Sheppard Air if you don’t have your ATP materials yet. Once you’re ready to take the exam, you need to find a testing center. As Chris mentioned, many ATP locations are approved testing centers.

Hi Addison,

The housing information that I found on the ATP website, is that just for the students enrolled in the 7-month program or can flight instructors live there while they are completing their 1500 hours requirement?



ATP Housing is exclusively reserved for students training in the program.


Addison, thank you for answering my question so promptly!


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