How do I know if I really want to become an Airline Pilot

Hello, my name is Forrest and I am 15 YO.

I want to become an Airline Pilot but I’m not sure if I’m suitable for this kind of job. I am in the Dallas Metroplex and was wondering is there any place that I can feel the experience of becoming an Airline Pilot.

Is an Internship with an Airline possible at this age? If none, what’s the minimum age?

Please let me know, thanks!

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Welcome to the forums. Airline internships are generally only available to college level students. Even then, an internship is going to give you an idea how the inner workings of an office at an airline are, it will not get you any real amount closer to being a pilot as there are security regulations that prevent that.

The best thing you could do is to go out to your local flight school and take an introductory flight. This is a great way to see if flying is really for you by actually getting your hands on an airplane. See how you feel after that.