How is the daily life?

Hey everyone, I am new to ATP and will have my first official day at ATP on April 4th. That being said I am looking for a kind of description on the day to day. I know it is likely a bit different for everyone in the long term but what are the typical hours?

I ask because I was not able to secure housing at my location and I live a little over an hour away. My two options that I can financially afford are these:

  1. I buy a van and put a cot and space heater in it or,
  2. I try getting my hands on a hybrid and just make the drive everyday.

The second option has been my hope, however, It’s proving more difficult to trade or sell my car than I thought. I would prefer to make the drive everyday and am not worried about the long commute times, but I don’t want to sacrifice my sleep everyday either. In other words I wont go for the driving option if I need to be up everyday at 3am to make it to ATP an hour away.

What are your thoughts. Sorry, bit of a ramble but I am just trying to include as much info as I can so as to get the best answers.



I have never lived in a van, so my experience is limited in this, but I think that living in a van, with a cot and a space heater, is probably a bad idea. I would imagine that most places will not take kindly to somebody living in their parking lot, and your fellow students and instructors would probably appreciate it if you came to the training center with a fresh shower every morning.

I see no reason why you need a hybrid and not a regular, gasoline powered car to make the commute.

While there will be some 4 am days, that is not the norm and the average will be more around 8 am.


Oh I don’t plan on being dirty. There is a nearby gym I would use for showers. I also have a place to park it. My main concern is I will get $800 a month from my loan to live off of. My current 19 mpg car would chew up over $600 a month just getting there and I live 55 miles away. Gas in my area is unfortunately now $4.30 a gallon.

Also appreciate info on the typical hours. Thanks!


I’m sorry but I see far too many wholes in your van plan. I’d keep looking for a car with better economy or look for a room to rent closer to the airport. If need be maybe up your loan amount but trying to study and sleep in a van and making time to slip into the gym for hygiene is not conducive to a positive learning environment.


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I applaud your ingenuity, however, I’m most concerned that it won’t be an environment conducive to success. The training is tough enough. At the end of the day you need a good meal and a safe place to rest. I think Adam has a good idea to either A. Add a little more to your loan or B. Find a room to rent closer to the airport.

Thanks for the reply!

Just a quick question. I applied originally for $86k and was accepted. I then got an email from the finance office stating that they were approving me for $86k, but that my program cost was only $83k. I then asked Sallie Mae for the additional $5k post approval loan increase and was accepted. Now my loan sits at $94k.

This being said. Does having a higher loan amount increase the amount of money the school gives me for monthly life? I was told I could request for $800 a month living expenses. Is there a way I can increase that since I have excess loan?


We have no idea about your finances, credit etc but you should contact finance and they could tell you your options as well as what money is available to you.