Moving in early?

Hi you guys, I’m looking to start at the Austin location here soon but, I have to move across the country, believe it’s gonna be a 19 hour trek.

My concern is that I won’t be allowed to move in before the actual start of the course, and I called to see if it was possible but they said I had to go to the facility first. So, how is that supposed to work? I can’t rent a U-Haul for an entire weekend… so I’m not quite sure what to do.

If you called Jackson and that was the advice that they gave you, I would speak to the Austin center if they have a contact available. You pick up your keys from the actual training center. Usually the housing has something open, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but don’t quote me on it. Did you speak to housing first?

Welcome to ATP and AirlinePilot by the way! Enjoy your time here and be sure to use it throughout your program and share your progress! :slight_smile:

I called the general number on the ATP site, gonna call housing tomorrow. Might call my roommates and see if they’ll let me in :eyes::eyes:


I would not jeopardize your program (or your roommates) by asking them to violate company policy on day one. There a reason they want you at the TC first. They need to check you in and make certain you’re you. I’m sure if you speak with them there’s a solution but asking other students to break policy isn’t one of them.

Airlines hire people that follow the rules. If you want ATP to hire you as an instructor or recommend you for future employment I wouldn’t start breaking them before Day 1.


I am with Adam on this one. Play by the rules, breaking them on day one is not a good idea.


Those are both valid points, it was the suggestion the apartment complex people gave me. I would agree that it isn’t really a viable solution though.

Not really much in the way of solutions though. I’ll try calling again Monday and see if I can get ahold of my training facility directly rather than utilizing the general line.

Will keep y’all posted :saluting_face:


First I would try calling the TSS at the training center you will be attending. They typically keep the keys to the housing complexes and might be able to work something out with you.

If not though, I’d adjust your travel plans so you aren’t stuck with a uhaul all weekend.


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I would point out that U-Hauls are often structured as multi day rentals. That and I packed everything I needed in a 1997 Ford Probe. A U-Haul seems rather large.

I only have a motorcycle at the moment, so I didn’t really know of many other options aside from uhaul.

I may have to see if I can get the money to get my car fixed and that would also solve this entire issue :pinched_fingers:.

Would have been easier to just drop everything of the night prior is all. I can understand why they wouldn’t let me do that though, accountability and everything.


I would contact Admin and Housing to see if they would be able to work something out to maybe get your move-in date a day or two ahead. You may just have to pay a day or two for housing at the student rate, if they allow. Before I left there was a student being checked in on the weekend due to the availability (this may be rare occurrence, I’m not 100% sure).


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