How much free time did you have?

I have been reading some more on the forum and have realized that it sounds like you won’t ever have free time. I was wondering how often you were actually doing stuff with the school, either flying or learning, and how much of it you spent studying. I know it varies due to weather and you never really know but just a general rough draft would kind of be nice. Again with the weekends, do you usually get those off if the weather doesn’t mess the schedule up?
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If your concern is “free time” vs your best route to the airlines I don’t think ATP is for you.

ATP was created by airline pilots to train airline pilots almost 40yrs ago and has had tens of thousands of pilots hired during its history (over 1,000 in the last 12mos). One of the main reasons many choose ATP is the accelerated footprint which let’s you accomplish in months what usually take years. Thing is to successfully complete the program you need to 100% commit to it for its duration. Sure they’ll be some downtime but not much and it’s not guaranteed. If that’s what’s important to you I’d recommend you look elsewhere.


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Not too concerned with it I was just wondering what it would be like and feel like. Thank you for your response


Take a look at the Student Experiences Section to get a real idea of what it’s like on the day to day for students going through the program.