Hubs vs. Crew Domiciles?

I was looking through SkyWest’s Fact Sheet on their website and saw they had a list of hubs and a list of crew domiciles.
Could someone explain the difference between a hub and a crew domicile? Do flights operate out of the domiciles (i.e. could a pilot fly out of their domicile), or would they be commuting to one of the hubs for their flights?


Hubs are airports that airlines operate out of. Crew bases (or domiciles) are are areas and airports where airlines will “base” their pilots and have facilities to support them (crewrooms, lounges, administrative offices, etc). In the case of Regionals, in most cases the hubs will be the hubs of the Major airlines they support.

Now if you notice on SkyWest’s factsheet every hub is also a crew base. This makes sense because obviously you want crews “based” at airports they will be flying out of. Now they also have additional crew bases which may be used to cover multiple hubs, secondary hubs or backups, or may be remnants of former hubs. As I said in the cases of hubs, since they’re all also bases, in most cases that’s where you’ll be flying out of. If however you’re based elsewhere, you will be deadheaded at the beginning and end of your trip back to your base.


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Thanks, Adam! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: