I am 39,moving to USA and start my training


I am a Turkish/British citizen and I have just recently got my green card through my wife who is American.
I have a university degree and I have been working in service industry last 18 years.
I have decided to make a career in airline industry.
I was initially planning to do it here in London but my wife really wants to move back to US so I will be doing it there.

1-Am I too late(age wise)?
2-in Europe once we get the license,we can start working for airlines but there this 1500 minimum hour issue?
How long does it take to do it?
How much can you make as CFI?how many hours do you work/week?
3-what’s this hourly pay thing?
In Europe,they usually hire you and you have a salary around (40-60k euro/year)
When you get paid for 75 hrs/week? Is this the only actual time that your work or fly time?
What about all other ground/preparation work that you do before you flight?do you get paid for it and how much is it usually ?
4-how is the taxation in USA?what are the net wages?
5-I am a little worried about this regional/major airline issue.
In Europe; we don’t really have regional airlines as the whole continent is smaller than USA.
What I see in USA is because of my age,It seems I will never get into a major airline so I am planning to work in USA till I am 50 then take the relevant exams(atpl 14 subject) and try to get a job in turkey or maybe another eu country as it may be easier to become a captain there.In Europe it’s hard to land your first job if you are over 40 but if you are an experienced pilot,it’s easier.
Do you know anyone here who did training in USA and works in Europe or Turkey now?
I wonder how their experience was?
6-how intense the first 9 months training and working as CFI after that?
It seems that you get 12-15 days off/month.
I have never had that many days off in my life,what else can you do if you don’t need that many days off.
Such as;if you work as airline pilot for a regional,Can you still work as CFI part time.

I will be coming to US on 13th of October and I will be doing my admission flight at Morristown NJ.

Have a wonderful day for everyone !!!



Every one of your questions is answered in the frequently asked questions section, or on ATP’s website. Please check those resources out, then we will be happy to answer your questions.


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As Chris said you REALLY need to visit the FAQ section as many questions will be answered there. I also recommend you visit AND READ ATPs website as you’ll find much of the rest of the info you seek.

What you won’t find are answers to questions like taxes which depend entirely on you and your family’s financial situation which can vary tremendously from individual to individual. You’re also mistaken regarding the existence of Regionals in Europe. There are literally 100 times the number of Regionals, commuters and B carriers in Europe as there are here.

I strongly suggest you do some more research and spend some quality time on this forum.


Hi Chris

Where can I get my first class medical done.

I will be in USA for 2 weeks from 13th and I want to get it done while I am there.



Hi Adam

Thank you for your reply.

I will take your advise.

Re-regional carriage; I mean most of the conversation here that I can see,you advise people to start with a regional.

I can see there is a big differences between regional and major in USA.

Yes there are regional airlines in Europe but I don’t think there is a router through regional to major in terms of employment here.

In Turkey;there is Turkish Airlines and a few other companies operates.

Turkish Airlines flys all over the world and like smaller company Pegasus only flys within turkey and some European destinations.

I checked them and there was not too much differences when they hire new pilots or you don’t really have to work for Pegasus in order to get into Turkish Airlines.




I bet there is a big difference between who gets hired at Turkish and who gets hired at Pegasus. Just because their websites list similar hiring requirements does not mean that they do hire similar pilots. I would think that Turkish probably hires far more experienced pilots than Pegasus does.