Info about Atlanta location

Hi, I am Charlie
I live in pensacola, FL. I want to join ATP but my questions: any experience about Atlanta location? I am 41 years old and my passion to fly, is it really a problem to join?


I did some of my training with ATP years ago in ATL and it was great. That said I honestly don’t get the recent wave of “how’s this location?”. This may be a bad analogy but the McD’s where I now live in Kailua Hawaii is pretty much the same as the McD’s I used to go to in the Bronx and everywhere else I’ve visited. ATPs has locations across the US and the goal is to offer quality CONSISTENT training at all the locations. People keep asking “how are the instructors in bla bla bla?” Well I can tell you I was one of ATPs finest but I moved on to become an airline pilot just like every other ATP instructor intends to and does in pretty short order. What I’m saying is if you want a Big Mac you go to the McD’s that’s most convenient for YOU and it’s the same with ATP. Chose a location that owrks for your family, your lifestyle or simply where you want to be.

As for your second question I’m not sure what you’re asking about “really a problem to join?”. ATP requires either a Private Pilot license, a 2yr degree (or better) or equivalent work experience. Aside form that it’s a matter of getting a First Class medical and securing a loan if you don’t have the funds yourself. The only other STRONG suggestion I have is if you’ve never flown a small plane before you entertain enrolling you take an intro flight. While flying may be your “passion”, until you’ve actually been up you really don’t know.


Thank you Adam

I did start flying and got 3 hours towards PP and did not continue. I have a Bachelor degree in Marine Transportation and got the equivalent of U.S. Bachelor of science in Marine Transportation ( Nautical Transport ), I know those 3 hours means nothing but I love Aviation and that`s what I want to do.

My second point, joining the Aviation industry at the age of 41 considered somehow old to the airline companies ? by the time to get hired will be 43. It might be not a problem to join ATP, age is one thing that concerns me.

I know I could have asked all these question direct to ATP representative, better to be answered from real experienced pilots in the field.

thanks Adam your response

Charlie your 3 hours mean plenty. At least you’ve been up and you know.

You’re only 2 yrs older than I was when I started at ATP. While you’re not young, you’re definitely not too old. In fact the Regionals LOVE guys like us. You see all the 20 and 30yos go to the Regionals only because they need to build time and they’re going to jump ship first chance they get. That’s not to say you can’t or won’t go to a Major, but with you there’s at least a chance you might not which makes you a better investment. Say you get hired at 43, upgrade to Capt by 46-47 and build some turbine PIC so now you’re a solid Major candidate. Do you go back to the bottom of a seniority list, give up your good schedule, maybe take a pay cut to start again at the bottom? Maybe? I did, but maybe not? It all depends on your goals. Are you going to be a 777 Capt flying to PEK? Probably not but you could have a very nice 20+ yrs as a Regional Capt, or a widebody FO (maybe even a narrow body Capt). If that sounds good to you then I say go for it. I did and I have zero regrets.



I’m a student at the Atlanta-Peachtree City (FFC) location, I’ve been very pleased with my experience so far, the instructors are professional, and the airplanes are kept in great condition. I don’t have a lot of experience with the other Atlanta locations, I’ve been into the LZU location once and it is very nice as well.

I’ll be glad to answer any other questions you have,


Thank you very much for the information, glad to hear positive experience about Atlanta location, because Atlanta is the closest location to me. Now it`s worth to save long drives idea.

I should be joining soon if everything went smooth as planned, hoping to shake hands later and wishing you all the best in your future career.

I wish i could ask all the questions, but now i`m focusing to join the school first and I got the books studying now.

Can a student fly at least twice a day?



Flying twice a day is a lot and not always a good thing. There will be some days when you fly extensively and some days when you don’t fly at all, it just really depends on where you are in the program.


Hey @charlieangeli,

It honestly depends on the week and schedule as to how much we fly. During time building you will fly up to 4 hours a day, but at other times we might only fly 1-2 hours and then do a sim or something. It will be very rare if ever that we would fly more then once per day.

One last note on locations, from what I’ve heard, and I’m not bad mouthing by any means, the ATP PDK Atlanta location has had a lot of delays from airplanes being down for maintenance recently. Just a heads up!

Hi Charlie,

What academy did you go to? I’m currently a senior at Mass Maritime as a deck cadet.


Hi Jack

My Academy is out of U.S. and it`s a long story Jack, but it is equivalent to U.S. Bachelor and I started my sea service all over again , now laid off.


It is very tough to find a job majority you have to know a relative inside the company to work, but dont take my words Jack because you already studied in the U.S. sorry its only us humans studied outside U.S.

It’s like that over here too. The shipping industry is very down now, hence why I am looking at flight school.