Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Flight Instructors

Is it just me or are more flight schools starting to move more in a direction similar to what ATP does where they are starting to only hire CFI’s that got their training through them (insourcing) as opposed to taking in newly earned CFI’s (such as myself) from off the street with no ‘dual given’ experience?


No I don’t think it’s you and while it’s not good from your standpoint, it does actually make sense.

First the instructors who trained at the given school invested alot of money into THAT flight school so sure the flight school wants to return the favor.

Second all flight schools want THEIR training curriculum followed and it’s much simpler if the instructor went through their program.

Finally they are obviously very familiar with the instructor as they’ve trained them. It’s a known commodity.



I think most flight schools have always had a preference for hiring their own students. It makes sense to hire somebody that you are already familiar with and who has trained to your standards.


I guess you could say i’m living proof of this seeing how I applied around like crazy over the summer; i’m not sure I completely agree that ALL flight schools are hurting for Instructors because I got turned down plenty of times ‘because’ they were fully staffed at the time. The place I earned my CFI’s just had an opening and all I had to do was to pick up the phone and I got the job as opposed to having to doing a 2 day interview process with a random flight school when walking in from off the street as I did numerous times before.

Who said they were?


Other pilots, and CFI’s I’ve met and worked with in the past, a lot of “you’ll find a job in a heart beat anywhere you want” comments, simply not the case in my experience this fall