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Instructing at ATP

I know that ATP switches around the locations of their instructors to fulfill student and instructor needs in terms of training and hours, respectively, but my question today deals with the amount of students an instructor usually has.

Although I’m sure it’s manageable, how many students (on average) does an instructor usually have on their roster at any given point? Is there a maximum amount of students one could have?

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it’s been a while for me but I usually had 2-3 Career pilot students at a time (plus add-on ratings which ATP doesn’t do any longer). I’m sure Yarden will chime in and give you a more current answer. Also I’m certain there’s a limit but I’m not sure what that number is.

Btw, ATP generally doesn’t switch their instructors around, they just won’t add any to location that doesn’t need one.



I’d say that the normal student load is about 2-3 like Adam said, but if you want to fly more, you can ask for more. I usually had 4 students on my schedule and there were times (of course it was due to company need) that I had as much as 8 full time students.

As long as there are new students coming in, and you are meeting with each of your students daily (without compromising the quality of instruction), you can have as many as you want.