Instructing Options


Im very close to the end of my training program, and Im trying to decide between working at two different flight schools.

Option A) works with local college flying program, high student load. Has approx 5 Cessna’s, 1 Multi engine. Owner says he needs higher level CFI’s because most people stop at just CFI (I will be triple rated, CFI/CFII/MEI). 6 or 7 current CFI’s working there, a couple leaving to regionals in a few months. Mostly 6 pack, minimal GPS. Towered airport. Mostly teaches students all the way through to CFI.

Option B) mom and pop flight school, but also owns maintenance company (so planes are well maintained) and just bought charter airline. Has openly said several times during interviews that if I work for them as CFI, once I hit 500 hours I can fly as charter airline pilot as well. 1 full time instructor, a couple very limited part time instructors, and they have said they need more instructors badly (theyre turning away students because they dont have the instructors to teach them). A few cessna’s, one complex, potential multi very soon. Glass/GPS upgrade to a couple aircraft in process. Mostly does private/instrument. Non-towered airport.

I was leaning more towards Option A, until i found out about the charter airline piece. Now Im looking for advice or recommendations from people with more experience. Will the charter airline thing help at all? Or am I better off with the school connected to a university?



Without knowing the full context, it is difficult to say. However, I do find that most charter time isn’t worth much. You will be in the right seat of an airplane, not allowed any real responsibility, not actually flying much and the airlines will know this. Furthermore, the way that a lot of people log this flight time is questionable at best. The airlines want to see real experience flying airplanes, not managing car rentals and filing flight plans.

I would go with whichever one gets you to 1,500 quality hours first.



I’m with Chris on this one. The charter flying is a nice carrot they’re waving but it’s a question of how much flying you’ll actually be doing AND is it in an airplane that requires 2 pilots? If not the time is questionable at best. If your goal is the airlines it’s simply which will get you the magic 1500hrs first.


Thanks for the info, that helps a lot!