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Interesting video on the L-1011

Many of you know that I have a thing for the L-1011. I found this great video today explaining why it was not a successful airplane.


Nooooo I had no idea!!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Interest take and always fun to learn new things about history!

I love the Airbus insert near the end of the video, I think that was the only part that had anything about a competitor other than the McDonnell Douglas and Boeing aircraft (and it was real brief, lol).

There really were not any other competitors at the time except the four mentioned in the video.

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Do you believe Lockheed would ever come back as a competitor? I can’t think off the top of my head any planes they have flying non-aerospace defense.


Not any time soon and probably not in my lifetime. Lockheed has not really been successful with a commercial airliner since they made the Constellation, but you never know…


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This is an interesting video but I don’t think that they’re going to come back as a competitor in the commercial industry in this era or even at all. To be honest with you, I personally don’t think they are trying to compete in the commercial industry when they are a household name on the military side of things. I also dare to say that they probably make more money from the military than they would from the airlines.

Hey Al, I did a quick search about “top 2018 aerospace defense programs” and found that Boeing is the current leader in the defense category as of 2018. I don’t think that Lockheed is worried about money, more than competing to maintain a high aerospace defense standard across the world. I know since the Embraer rollout of their newest designed aircraft being tested, I’m super curious to see how it plays out in the market!

If you’re curious were I found the article, Army Technology.

Very cool article! However, it is a little dated since its 2020. I did a quick search of what you mentioned except I updated the date to 2019 (which is technically outdated too but its as recent as I could find) and found two articles that say otherwise. I’m completely saying that you’re wrong because evidence in the article proves you’re statement to be true back in 2018. But articles aside just looking at the trends of military aviation today, I think Lockheed-Martin will take the crown in 2020 because Boeing’s F-18s are going to be phased out by, you guessed it, Lockheed’s F-35. Then you have the F-22 also, while the C-130 and C-5 are still going strong. Of course this last portion is just speculation of course. I too am curious about how Embraer’s new aircaft will play out.

I love you profile picture by the way, I eat Chik-Fil-A pretty much everyday!

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Good looks and fair enough, I should’ve adjusted my search settings! I was trying to find something on Business Insider, but figured Google helps so much faster (haha). Maybe we’ll see a turn around in the next decade and Boeing takes the turn for their aerospace defense program! Or it could turn out Lockheed streets clear of commercial like Chris said how they were successful since the Constellation and focused primarily on being the ring leader in aerospace defense. These next few years will definitely set the bar and expectations for the decade!

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Honestly Business Insider probably provides better sources than Google so no need to have any regrets. To be honest these articles that I read are mostly from the news so I really can’t say that they have a lot of credibility :joy: :grin:. Hopefully I didn’t come across as challenging your findings. I’m in my senior year of college and after over 2 years of professors checking the quality of sources I have picked up the habit of checking mine and unfortunately others…We’ll indeed see what happens in this next decade!

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Haha I feel your pain about having to find sources, thankfully I had this online library source that was so advanced I could type anything in search fields and have specific “AND” or “OR” in the search results and broken down years and with e-journals or articles or newspapers, so resources were so readily accessible. Now that I’m out of college, Google is my go to (and Wiki sometimes). :joy:

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The L1011 Is my all-time favorite commercial aircraft. I was fortunate to fly on it a couple of times - A return trip with British Caledonian from LGW to MCO via Bangor to refuel, and again with ATA on the same route with a fuel stop in Gander.


That is pretty neat. To my knowledge, I never got to ride on it.


Delta L1011 Brochure.pdf (1.4 MB)

Sold. Where to I head to pick one up?

Really cool. I’m actually old enough to remember those days (just barely). Six seats across with two huge aisles. Flight attendants today would faint straight-away if they boarded and found that configuration. :slight_smile:

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Pretty cool brochure. Got to love that color scheme :slight_smile:

Family friend was a Flight Engineer during flight testing at the Palmdale facility - I could not believe the stories about the auto landing software. Many years ago.