Question for those at an airline

For all of you that are currently at an airline. Which plane do you look forward to flying next?..Or are you content with where you are? (Adam I already know you’re living the dream, so I doubt you’ll want a change). Just a topic for discussion.


While not really what I think you’re asking, I’d really like to get my rotary wing add-on one of these days so I guess my answer would be an R-22 :slight_smile:

Oh and I would really like to fly my B717 one of these days. I had a week of days off followed by a weeks vacation and have been on Reserve without getting called. Long/short I only flew 1hr (ITO turn) in the last 18 days. Hope I remember how to fly? Pull back houses get smaller right? :wink:


The R22 would be a dream to fly around in Hawaii. I like the sound of it. And of course you beloved 717. :slight_smile:

Whichever one gets me a job at a major!


Haha. But do you have any goal to fly a particular aircraft you look forward to at the majors.


I have a different perspective. I put more value on lifestyle than type of aircraft. I say that now and I have very little experience so that may change. The truth is, I won’t know until I’ve flown it.


Good thinking

I agree with the comments on quality of life, etc, but if I could fly Any one jet it would be the L-1011, if I could go even further back in time, I would love to fly a Lockheed Constellation.

I am not a professional pilot, but I hope you don’t mind me jumping in with a quick funny story about the L1011, when I was a kid we were Getting ready for a flight across the country on a TriStar, and my mother, who is terrified of flying, and knowing I was already a little airplane buff,asked me how many engines our airplane had. When I told her there were three, she got instantly pale and said “Wait, So there are two engines on one wing and one on the other?!?!”

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LOL, that is a good one.

What would you like to fly in your United career after you contract is up on the A320?

I would like to go right back to the 737, which is what I intend to do.

737 is one great aircraft. That’s the goal for myself when I try to go to United. Newhires go to A320 or 737. So either will be cool to fly. Then fly a big plane. Then go back to 737. You just can’t go wrong with the 737.

If you can fly an r22, than you can pretty much fly anything(rotorcraft). Although I would say the r44 is much better to fly/hover and you would have a lot more fun.