Ipad Pro Question

Does anyone know if the ipad pro 12.9" is too big to use during flight school? Also, how much memory storage would y’all recommend? 1TB?

Hi Miguel, I have the Pro 10.5 inch one and find it to be an inconvenience. I’d get the smaller one if I were you. I’m 6ft 2 inches and after I get what i need from the iPad I have to slide it over in between my legs in the cockpit. Otherwise it gets in the way with the yoke when I add aileron input. I keep it on my right leg and If I slide it over towards the passenger seat it then gets in the way of the trim control. The Storage doesn’t matter much, 32-64GB is good. After all I only use the Ipad for Aviation not to download anything else.


There a several very thorough threads on this forum about iPads. Some strongly feel that the mini is the best size. Others say the 9 or the 10 inch is the best. I think everyone is a little biased towards whichever one they own, but the main point is that 12 is way too big. 1TB is way too much too. 32-64GB is plenty.


I myself have the mini and love it, I find it to be the perfect size to use in small GA aircraft. I have a buddy who has the iPad air, which I’ve tried, it was ok, but if I didn’t have the mini I definitely would not go any larger than the air.