Help w/ financing

Is anyone else having a hard time finding a way to get a student loan?

I applied with Sallie Mae and was told I needed a co-signer. Sure no problem, my father has great credit history, good job, savings, assets, no debts, and his home is paid off. And he was denied! Told he also needed a co-signer. So how is one suppose to pursue a career?

Did anyone else have a similar issue and able to find another way?

Thank you!


It is very common for students to need a co-signer for the loan, it’s a large amount and credit lenders want to ensure that they can get repayment. Sometimes it may be difficult to ask family or another individual to lock their credit score on a large sum amount, this topic has been discussed many times on the forum, here’s one that jumped out at me when I first joined the forum: Financing without Cosigner. I too needed a co-signer, I knew going into my loan application; I got denied and had to negotiate things with the lenders…they have a soft side as well, just be polite with them.

If you have any financial questions, I would direct them to ATP’s Finance team, speak with Kirk, he’s a man of wisdom when it comes to finances and paths to take. 904-595-7946


From you you provided about your fathers financial history, I wouldn’t think it would be a problem. Did Sallie Mae provide you a reason for the denial?


Hi Brady,
I did get in contact with Kirk about what happened. He then suggested trying a loan with Meritize.
Mertitize offers a pre-approval- like process which I did and was told off the bat that there were no loans for me. I emailed Kirk about it again but never received another option.

Hi Hannah,
Based off the little amount of information that Sallie Mae offers, they just stated that the minimum requirements weren’t met. Which again, I didn’t understand why when my father would have been an ideal trusted applicant.

I would dig in and ask what the minimum requirements are to see where he fell short. Then at least you’ll know what they are looking for.