Is it realistic to finish PPL within 2 months on a $15k budget?

Is it realistic to finish PPL license within 2 months on a $15k per person budget in new jersey?

If I take the training together with another friend, will the CFI or school giving us a discount for taking training together? Thanks.


These are very hard questions to answer. The PPL has a minimum hours requirement of 40 but most students end up needing somewhere between 60-70 hours realistically. A mom and pop school will quote you the bare minimum but I’d plan closer to the 60 hour range. Flight school fees vary, so make sure you get a clear answer on cost per hour for around 60 hours and add in examiner and written exam fees as well.

If you fly 3-5 times a week you could get it done in 2 months like the ATP timeline demonstrates, however it depends on instructor and aircraft availability as well as the weather in the area.

Even if the CFI would allow taking the two of you up together for a flight, it is not possible for instruction. Not only do you have to be able to consistently be at the controls to gain proficiency and demonstrate the necessary maneuvers and knowledge but there is an issue in terms of logging the flight time as well. You need to plan on your flight hours as your time. Potentially you could share ground school time.



It may be possible. I’m not sure the going rates in NJ these days but using the national average of 65hrs to complete your PPL that equates to $230hr so you tell me?

The bigger issue (in my mind) is that also means flying approx 7hrs a week. While that might not sound like much that means you need to be flying 3 times a week which means you need to have the time, have an instructor who’s available, with a plane that’s available and of course the weather needs to cooperate.

Long short this is a conversation you need to have with the flight school you’re thinking of using.

Btw, I’ve never heard of any “group discounts” for flight training.