Finishing up my PPL soon and getting ready for ATP

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Since I’m finishing up my PPL through my local airport I have couple questions regarding getting ready for ATP 6 month track program. I have long cross country, flight review with my instructor and checkride left. What are the things I should get ready to be accepted to ATP w/ PPL? Should I be studying for some tests? Applying for loan should be done before I apply for course? I have a lot of concern since I will be quitting my full time job, being older than mosts and having wife and two kids.

Any guide to links for helpful pages will help. I did navigate through ATP website but didn’t find enough information

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I have the same question and I’m in the same situation except that I’m single and no kids…

See this string: The general consensus is to get knowledge tests out of the way to leave yourself the energy for all the other studying and flying.

Remember the requirements for ATP coming in with credit private isn’t just PPL, it’s PPL and 78 total hours due to fulfilling the commercial requirements later on.


As Caleb pointed out the biggest single requirement is you MUST have at least 78hrs of flight time. Completing some or all of the FAA Knowledge exams is recommended but not required and obviously you must have the financing secured but without the hours you cannot start with credit for your PPL. The following link and then the others at the bottom of that page should help:


Thank you all for reply. I just had conversation with ATP Rep, and he told me Admission flight, First-Class Medical, and 78hr with PPL is must to start. Each location has starting date every month, and some busy schools have two starting date in one month. Initial deposit of $995 is needed to get first day started which will be part of tuition $63995. After that you can pay $63000 at once or 4* $15750 payment if you are paying yourself or get loan approved is next step.

Writing down all these information so hope someone will see it later and be helped.


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