June 2017 Schedule

Busy month!

5/31 HNL-JFK
6/1 Day in JFK
6/3 OFF
6/4 HNL-SFO *Xtra on Day Off
6/6-6/10 OFF
6/11 OGG-SFO
6/12 SFO-OGG
6/13 RESV Day
6/14 HNL-LAX *Xtra on Day Off
6/15 LAX-HNL
6/16 OFF
6/17 RESV Day
6/18 HNL-BNE
6/19-6/21 Days in BNE
6/22 BNE-HNL
6/23-25 OFF
6/26 RESV Day
6/27 HNL-LAS
6/28 LAS-HNL
6/29 RESV Day
6/30 RESV Day
7/1 RESV Day

73hrs Duty 96hrs Pay :slight_smile:


Busy but awesome schedule, thanks for sharing!

Ka-chiiiiin! Haha Great for you @Adam Really busy schedule!

Adam - You started and ended trips outside of your HNL base. Did you deadhead to OGG and how were you paid for that travel?

Yes Danielle the whole crew was deadheaded from HNL-OGG (accept for a few that live in OGG). Short flight (only 20 mins) but since I’m not a commuter something I hate and try and avoid. That’s one of the risks when you bid Reserve. Yuck!


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Hi Adam. 18 year old with PPL. Attending Central Washington University this fall to get aviation degree and ratings from instrument through the cfi. Currently living in Tacoma, Washington. I am assuming that RESV means reserve. I understand what it means to be on reserve, but I didn’t know you could have lines and reserve days at the same time. I thought pilots are either reserve or line. How does this work?

Hi Mason,

My bad as I maybe should be clearer in my description. You are correct, you’re either on Reserve or you have a line. I was on Reserve for June. The trips I list are the trips I was assigned as a Reserve pilot. The days I list as RESV are days I was “on call” but wasn’t used. Make sense?


Yes, thanks Adam!