February 2017 Schedule-Adam

I was feeling lazy this month :slight_smile:

1/31 HNL-AKL
2/1-2/2 Off in AKL
2/4 Class
2/5 Class
2/6 Class
2/7-2/19 OFF
2/20 Class
2/21 Class
2/22 Class
2/23 HNL-NRT
2/24 Off in NRT
2/25 NRT-HNL
2/26 OFF
2/27 OFF
2/28 HNL-LAS
3/1 Off in LAS

Adam, Chris and Yarden,
I can’t thank you guys enough for posting your schedules each month. The schedules tell us volumes about Airline pilot life as does the follow on discussions about schedules. ( I know that’s kinda the idea but just to let you know it’s working!!)

Thanks guys.


Thanks for the thanks :slight_smile:

It is good to know that people find this useful.



I can’t remember if you mentioned this in previous post, but how did you get to be a Crew Resource Manager (CRM) instructor? Where you one at the regionals?

Additionally, as an CRM instructor do you:

  1. get paid the same as flight hours?
  2. is the 10 year Captain instructor paid the same as a 4 year Captain CRM instructor as the 10 year FO CRM instructor?
  3. teach the same class every time
  4. what is the work day, 8-5, 9-5, 10-2 (we are on Hawaiian time)?
  5. is there and what was your min/max class that you’ve taught?



I actually first applied (and was offered a position) as a systems instructor after my first year at ExpressJet. Unfortunately ExpressJet’s ground instructors don’t fly much (other than to keep current) so I declined the position. I was then asked if I’d be interested in a CRM Facilitator position since the facilitators only instructed every other month as the company felt (and correctly so) the CRM facilitators needed to fly the line to give them “street cred”. Having studied Human Factors in school I jumped at the chance and have been doing it ever since. On to your questions:

  1. Instructors generally get paid their hourly pilot wage plus an instructor hourly “override” which also increases with seniority.

  2. As I said above your base pay is your hourly pilot pay and since a 10yr CA is paid more than a 4yr CA who’s paid more than a 10yr FO the answer is no.

  3. Trick question. While the slides and the curriculum are the same for every class, due to the diversity, varied experience and perspective no two classes are ever the same (if you’re doing it right). There are also some supplemental different modules for newhires, upgrades and recurrent.

  4. Scheduled is 9-5 but again due to class size and dynamic it can vary considerably.

  5. Min is 2 (under protest) max (I think?) was 16. Classes usually range from 6-12.