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Hey, last time I came here ask about starting with ppl, and I just recently decided to start working on it before I go to ATP since I have quite a lot of spare time being a senior in university :grin: Flying 3 times a week, it is very exciting. I do get a bit scare when the weather is bumpy or making a steep turn. I am sure the feeling will go away with practice, but just wonder how you guys deal with it at the beginning of the training.:grin:

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Hi Jacob,

Different people encounter different experiences when they begin flying. Most are positive but not all and some anxiety is not that unusual. Flying is not a natural act. Your body and senses are experiencing somewhat unnatural forces and your mind can and will deal with all this is unique ways. Personally I never had any issues. I’m not saying this to impress or seem macho or tough, I’m none of those. I simply found flying to be a calming experience but as I said everyone is different. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it since you’ve just started. As you body adjusts and you gain confidence in yourself the anxiety should disappear. Now if it doesn’t I might have some concerns but again its early on so I wouldn’t sweat it. After all you weren’t born with wings :slight_smile:


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I was never totally comfortable doing maneuvers. I didn’t care for the sensation that steep turns cause and I never liked spins. What is important to remember is that the aircraft is designed to handle these kinds of maneuvers, that the airplane is being flwon well within its design limitations and that your CFI, and soon you, is fully trained to handle the airplane in this manner, to include correcting you is you make a mistake.

Time and practice will also help those feelings diminish.



I too did not enjoy doing maneuvers too much, they gave me an occasional headache too, but I did them so many times during my training and as an instructor, that I got used to them.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I have had students that got sick (i.e. it got messy) every single flight initially, bnt they got it together after a while.


Thanks for the reply, it really help to know its normal to feel this way! Looking forward for the possible career !

You are definitely not alone on that, two out of three mentors on here didn’t like the maneuvers either. Now Adam on the other hand is a regular Red Baron and I am sure isn’t bothered by this.


What can I say? I’ve had an “unusual attitude” since birth :slight_smile: