Key Lime Air partnership with ATP

Hello everyone and thank you for the opportunity to have a conversation in a forum among pilots, aviation students, future aviation students (like myself) and aviation enthusiasts. Let me please just say that 1 month ago I would never imagine I would be in a forum like this writing my thoughts and concerns about a possible aviation career. Thanks to my very first ever single engine flight, I didn’t even touch the yoke of the airplane, I just enjoyed the ride with a friend of mine, I woke up the love of my life inside me, and my all time dream to become a pilot. As of now I’m a successful restaurant owner that just doesn’t want to put up with the industry anymore. At 37 with full custody of a 5 year old beautiful little girl, I decided that I will do everything, above and beyond, to pursue my dream so I can make a great example for my daughter and give her the “fuel” to do the same with her life when the circumstances arise.

After my long introduction, and upon doing a great research about my future career I have settled my mind that ATP is the way to go for me. With that being said, I’m the kind of person that if I like something very much I will try to find each and every little flawless on the subject that picks my interest so I can put things in the perspective of “good and bad scale”. So my question is this, why does ATP have a partnership with Key Lime Air when there have been numerous accidents, if I can recall one was fatal, since the school’s reputation is so good. Obviously I’m not saying that any of the pilots of the airline were ATP graduates. I don’t even know if that’s the case. What I’m saying is that most of the accidents were based on mechanical failures and the company was putting the blame to their pilots. The airline was under investigation and according to the information I have found online not only they don’t acknowledge the fact that they have had 3 accidents in three weeks, the president of the airline named those accidents “mishaps” and I repeat that the one out of the three plane crashes was fatal.

Nevertheless I’m still still leaning towards ATP as my aviation guidance to my new and very beloved future career but as a future new student with ATP I would love to hear an answer about the subject I’m mentioning.

Thank you again for reading my long, and possibly for some boring post.

I wish everyone safe flights, study hard, keep dreaming and enjoy each and every day of your decision to become a pilot.

I personally can’t wait for my first day of school.

With respect,



ATP is here to help you get your ratings, what you do with them after that is up to you. The partnership is there for those who want to go that route, but it is up to the individual to do due diligence.

We have had a few people on this forum talk of going to that airline, usually those that for whatever reason do not want to instruct.

For a variety of reasons, I recommend the tried and true path of:

  1. Student
  2. Instructor
  3. Regional airline pilot
  4. Major airline pilot


Thank you for your prompt answer Chris. I keep your last part of your answer as my future goal as well. I appreciate your response.


As Chris said, ATP has partnerships with virtually every Regional in the country in order to offer it’s students every possible opportunity. If you investigate far enough you’ll find many airlines don’t have perfect safety records but overall do a good job.


Hello Adam and thank you answering to my original post. I appreciate your time. Be safe and keep answering all these questions we “bomb” this forum with daily. It’s very helpful.


Any time. Let us know how else we can help you.