Hey guys I have an Ipad Air 2 with Otterbox hard cover and was wondering what kneeboard would you recommend for it? Also, I’m halfway through the Private module with less than a month to go. Would it be wise to finish the module before starting to should I focus on the written and continue the module when starting training? Thanks!

I personally use the iPro Aviator for my Mini 2 (iPro Commander fits the Air/Air 2/Pro 9.7), I like it a lot, all aluminum and feels indestructible, has a clipboard on the front for quick handwriting of notes/clearances/frequencies/etc, and keeps a small gap around the iPad to prevent overheating (I’ve never had it overheat, even in CA central valley summer over 90 degrees)… That said, I’ve never used any other iPad kneeboard, only manual kneeboards. I noticed you mentioned the Otterbox case which from my memory are usually quite large, some kneeboards might be able to accomodate that, but there is no way it would work with the iPro, I have a Speck case on my mini and just pop it out of the case and drop it in my kneeboard when I’m going flying.


Thanks James! I’ll look onto it!

Hey James what do you think of that app strap 5? Could I use it in Training?

I’m not in training yet myself, and I’ve never used it before, so it’s hard to say… But like I was saying, I really enjoy having a manual clipboard and paper on the front for quick notes, even just as a private pilot, if a controller gives me a frequency and it’s going to be a second before I can enter it into the radio because I’m occupied with something else, or when entering or departing tower airspace and given unusual instructions it’s nice to jot them down. I personally don’t like trying to write down instructions in the ipad notepad itself, always seems clumsy.


Shoutout to my man James for suggesting the iPro Air Commander. I just received it and absolutely love it!! It feels so sturdy and well made! Thanks James!

Glad you like it Angel, I’ve had mine for over a year and it still looks like the day I bought it, I think you’ll really enjoy when you start using it!