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iPad for flight training

I currently have an IPad Mini (1st generation) Wifi only. What IPad do y’all suggest for flight training? Should it have just wifi or wifi and cellular? What are some good apps to have on my IPad? I imagine I will want Foreflight and Garmin Pilot. Any others?

Two resources for helping with the decision, oriented toward using ForeFlight in the airplane as we do at ATP:

I will check out the links you sent. I did some research on the ATP page and saw that y’all recommended foreflight on the IPad Air 2 with Cellular + WIFI. Thanks for the help.

Going off of this do you guys have a kneeboard you recommend with the iPad? Or are we able to bring a cockpit mount?

I’m no professional yet, but since my PPL I’ve been using the “iPro Aviator” for the iPad mini retina, and am very happy with it. It’s aluminum and should last forever, doesn’t take up much more room than the iPad itself, and has an excellent clipboard on the front for handwriting notes, frequencies, etc.

I tried a couple fixed mounts and didn’t like them, they either blocked window space or were constantly moving with the yoke on bumpier days.

My 1.5 cents…

I agree, the iPro Aviator is a solid choice. I never used it but I know many people who do and they all love it. I personally just used the standard Sporty’s aluminum clipboard, just I shaved down the edges with an angle grinder so it was the same size as the iPad mini.