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KSAC ATP Location

Hello All,

I’ve been following this thread for a little over a year now, and I enjoy reading through many of the forums topics. It’s so informational and very cut throat straight to point answers from the mentors.

Anyway to get to my question, I plan to start ATP this September, just wanted to know if anyone here in the forums including the mentors, have trained at the ATP location in KSAC? It’s the executive airport in Sacramento, CA. I live north of the airport about 30 minutes. Any information would be great! Thanks much!


Not sure I’d can our responses “cut throat” (even mine) but if it works for you so be it.

Hopefully someone from KSAC will chime in but know that ATP does an exceptional job standardizing all their locations. The equipment and instruction is the same throughout. You can be confident you’re getting the same level regardless of location.


Thank you for the reply! Nonetheless I do enjoy the answers to many of the questions from the mentors here! Really appreciate the insight! Hopefully others who have had the experience of attending the KSAC ATP location will reply!

Glad to have you here on the forum! I did not attend the KSAC location but I know someone who did. They enjoyed their time there, had pretty good weather and got through the program on time. After completion of their ratings they got offered a CFI position and built most of their time there as well. I’m sorry I don’t have more detailed information for you but I do assure you, all ATP locations are equipped for their student loads. The only variable out of your control that could effect your completion time is the weather.



I trained and taught in Sacramento. From what I’ve heard the training center was remodeled after I left. I haven’t seen it but I hear it’s very nice. Still the same program, of course.

When I was there we had anywhere from 3-5 Cessnas and 1-2 Seminoles, but I have also heard that Sacramento has grown considerably for its size. So they may have a larger fleet now.

As for the airport itself it’s perfect for training. Plenty of flat open areas until you fly passed Folsom Lake. Most of the training is done south and west of the field. KSAC is also towered which also provides for a good learning environment.

Also when I was there there were two sims, one Frasca and one CRX. There might be two CRX sims and one Frasca now, but you’d have to check.

If ATP is still offering tours you should see it for yourself. Call Admin to schedule.


Hello Tory and Hannah,

Thank you for the replies! I’ll definitely give them a call to see if touring is available, maybe not yet because of COVID, I definitely didn’t think a tour was an option! But thank you for the mention.

To Tory,
About how long did it take you to finish ATP with Sacramento weather being mainly warm and sunny? And did you ever have problems with flight instructions since Sac International is fairly close by?


The only delay that I encountered was waiting for an Examiner during CFI school, but that was when ATP’s program was 6 months instead of 9.

KSMF is not as much as an issue as you might think. That’s why most of the flight lessons are conducted south and west of KSAC, away from KSMF. There’s plenty of space to avoid needing to fly through KSMF’s airspace, but if it’s necessary it doesn’t take long to fly clockwise around the edge of KSMF’s class C airspace or ask for clearance to fly through it.


Oh okay, I figured it wouldn’t be as bad as something like SFO airspace. Thank you for the info!

Not even close. I used to also teach at HWD. There’s a reason why the HWD location was moved to LVK.

Anytime! Let us know how the tour goes!


Hi Genneth,

Just now coming across this. I trained at the KSAC location and am starting there as an instructor in the next month or so. Overall, it was a good experience. KSAC is a fantastic airport to train out of, as you have all sorts of stuff to get acclimated to and are never “too” overwhelmed. it took me longer to finish the program from 0 time, as I had to deal with fires, COVID, and the fog that can sit on the valley for weeks at a time in mid winter. Also, finding a DPE can be an issue sometimes in Sac.

I would highly recommend KSAC as a location if you are serious about starting the program. Maybe I’ll see you in September!