Deciding where to do my training

Hi everybody, I’ve seen some posts on deciding where to do the ATP 5-7 months training and I was just wondering if any current or former students can have some insight or any advice. I just finished up with my ppl and wanted to head on over to atp to finish up my training, I reside in Southern California and I’m aiming to do the multi engine while i finish up those ratings and was deciding between doing the training at Long Beach or heading over to Arizona to do it at the mesa airport. For either of my options I would have to find housing nearby. I was really keen on doing my training in Long Beach, primarily because my girlfriend goes to csulb and it would give us a chance to stay close to eachother, but my father is an airline pilot and he says why would i got to Long Beach if weather in Arizona is much greater. I want to do whats best for me in all honesty. I dont fear being alone in Arizona but everything and everyone around me is in california. Any insight or other views on my situation would be very helpful specially from all of you professionals. Thank you guys for reading.


As far as the actually training goes all ATP facilities offer the same high level of training and resources. While no one can argue Arizona is famous for its hear weather, Long Beach is far from bad so I’m certain you’d do well and maintain the timeline at either.

My only caveat with the LGB location is your statement that everything and everyone (incl your GF) is there. People are attracted to the ATP 5mos timeline but that accelerated program comes with a cost. That cost is the fact it is highly accelerated and requires a 100% commitment to be successful. While you may have some downtime here and there the bulk of your free time needs to be dedicated to rest and study. Failure to do so could completely derail your training. This is why many people choose to train away from home and distance themselves to minimize distractions. Just something to think about.


Thank you Sir, its not that my whole family is there it would just be nice to have my gf close instead of across state lines.


I am with your father on this one. To begin with, he has been around the industry for decades and knows what he is talking about, it is nearly impossible to beat Arizona weather.

Secondly, a little distance and separation from your girlfriend might be a good thing. ATP’s program is incredibly condensed and quite honestly, much of your future will be determined by how well you do in the program. A little distance from the g/f will allow more time for studying and focusing on your training. If she is in this for the long term, she should understand that.