Licenses coming in

I have a question regarding Licenses in terms of both school duration and the cost.
I’ve seen on the website that if you come in with a PPL and meet certain requirements, school is only 6 months, and therefor also less expensive.

However, I have not seen anything about coming in with a further license. I cannot attend the later part of 2019. I’m almost finished with my Private’s license, and will likely continue into obtaining at least my instrument rating in the meantime.

Is there an option for people who come in with above a private’s?
And would you recommend furthering my licenses?
I simply am unable to come any earlier so that is not an option.


The short answer is no. ATP offers 2 programs and 2 programs only. With your Private and without. For any additional ratings the training will be repeated (without a checkride of course) and no credit will be given. If it were me I’d save the money if you’re planning on training with ATP. Why spend it twice?

FYI, to start ATP with credit for your PPL you need a min of 78hrs total time.


Thanks so much for the quick response.

I do plan on continuing flying between now and then, even after I finish my PPL and will definitely have over 78. I will be flying between now and then to stay sharp.

But that brings another question, will I be at a disadvantage from starting with a PPL and doing the 6 month program?

Another concern is will I be at a disadvantage doing the 6 month program? Even though I will be flying once or twice a week in the mean time, I imagine I won’t be as sharp as the students that have the been there for 3 months doing this 5 days a week.

What are your thoughts on this? And how do those people that come in with a PPL fair compared to those that do the entire 9 month course with you guys?


It’s probably split the amount of students coming in with their PPLs and those without. While you may have to learn some new procedures and maybe unlearn some bad habits you’ll be fine. It was over 10yrs for me from my PPL to ATP and I was fine. You will be as well provided you show up ready to learn and work hard.



You will do fine either way. I came in with a PPL and a few months off. After a few flights, I had knocked the rust off and was ready to go.