Sallie Mae (again)

Hello all, I recently applied for financing through Sallie Mae and was denied due to needing a co-signer. I have excellent credit, no delinquent, and no current debts. I come from a banking background and when folks would do loans with me and, for example, have just paid off their vehicle, we could submit their payoff letter so that underwriting could see that and therefore decrease their DTI. I have read most articles here with “Sallie Mae” in them and didn’t seem to find what I was looking for. So my question is, can you submit payoff letters to Sallie Mae so that your DTI is more accurate? I have over 103k in payoff letters that I need them to see, as my mortgage and a misc personal loan are still showing on my credit. I paid them off in November. I really appreciate any input and I do apologize if this has been answered in the past. Thanks everyone.

A little add on here - my co-signer is asking if once approved, are the funds held and paid out when a bill from the school comes in and only accrues interest on what has been paid? Yeah, that’s confusing to me too!


I recommend you call ATP Admin and speak to the folks in finance. While others on here can offer opinions based on their experience, everyone’s situation is unique and they’re the only ones who can actually help.


Thanks, Adam. I do have a call into them, I’m just waiting on a call back. When I spoke to them last week they told me that a rep at Sallie Mae would be able to help, but they have not been very helpful thus far.