Look to start at atp

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I am looking to start at atp. I am worried about getting the loan specifically. I don’t have the greatest credit. I worried that i would get the loan. It is a big step for me and my family. I would have never thought of be a pilot if you ask me years ago, but through work at Mcgee Air Services i have become more interested in it. I just am worried i am going to put my family in a hole that we can’t get out of. Does anyone have advice about starting and have the courage to start.


Welcome to the forum. As for getting approved for the loan, it is best that you speak with he admissions department at ATP as they are the experts in all such things and can answer those questions far better than we can. I would expect them to tall you that you will need a co-signer to get approved.

Check out this link, it has some helpful information in it: Finance your Flight Training – Cosigner Prospectus / ATP Flight School

As for courage, that has to come from within. Do your research and see how the numbers work for you. I can tell you that there has never been a better time to enter the industry and that starting pay and bonuses are at an all time high,


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Credit lenders really want to not only see a good credit, but repayment guarantee since they are lending tens and thousands of dollars so you can do what you’re passionate about. As Chris linked, I would recommend if you have a direct finance question to reach out to ATP’s Finance Department:

If you’re afraid of repayment or anyone else, look at all the numbers (as Chris mentioned). Some airlines are offering tens thousands of dollars for a sign on bonus… years ago, that was not a thing. A colleague of mine left to go Frontier and got a HUGE bonus, more than we got signing into Piedmont. Was there a stipulation to the bonus - ABSOLUTELY, but that’s the agreement that takes place to receive such thing.


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Careers that pay well ALL have requirements and those requirements generally come at a price. Medical school, law school and yes flight training are all expensive.

The difference is the world is experiencing the greatest pilot shortage in history. As a result salaries are at an all time high for newhires, there are many hiring bonuses and incentives that will help cover or even pay off the loan completely. That all said only you can decide what’s worth what to you.



We’ve all been in your shoes. The loan is a hefty one and is a risk. But only you can decide if you have the courage to bet on yourself. Does your family believe in you and your goal to take the risk with you?

I will say, if you work hard the opportunities are there more than ever before.