LZU November '18

To begin, I would like to give a huge thanks to Adam, Chris, and the rest of the participants of the forum. I’ve been a silent reader until now and felt compelled to reach out and extend my thanks to everyone for the priceless information.

I finally have everything worked out to start my training. This forum answered a lot of questions I had over the past year and allowed me to make an informed decision. With that being said, I have a start date in November '18 at LZU in Atlanta. If there is anyone starting around that time, private message me and we can meet and become study partners! If anyone has any questions about the process of getting started, don’t hesitate to ask! Until then, thanks again everyone.

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Thank you for posting and for the compliments!

Since you have been a long time reader, you know the mantra, get cracking on those writtens!


I just started there yesterday! It has been a good experience so far, flew for two hours today, it was a blast! Everyone is very nice and helpful. Do you have housing setup and everything?

Wow! Congrats on that man! I’m glad to hear it’s fun so far!. I actually already live in Atlanta, so I didn’t have to worry it. Are you starting from 0 time or private credit?

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I definitely will! Thanks again! Safe Flights!

Zero time, you?

Yep, we’re in the same boat. I’m starting with zero time as well. Finishing up these last two months of my full time job are going to go by pretty slow. It’s crazy to think when I start you’ll be closing in on becoming an official private pilot!! That has got to be exciting!!

So what was your first day like? Any tips for me? We should exchange contact information. I’m sure we are going to run into each other pretty soon. Haha.

I know how that feels, I worked at Publix for 5.5 years before I committed to ATP, that last month dragged on and on.

Like many have said, knock out as many of your writtens as you can. I only did my private written, but I reallly sat down and watched all the Kings Schools videos and I feel like that has helped me understand what is happening when I’m in the air a little better than I would have if I had just studied the question bank. I’m a little ahead of what the plane is going to do, sometimes haha. I’m trying to do better with making sure I focus on my sight picture instead of chasing the airspeed when trying to maintain my speed, especially when turning. I keep my altitude well but I just need to remember to subtly add/reduce power instead of altering my AoA so much.

My first day wasn’t VFR conditions, so I bothered my instructor and got some ground in (about two hours), and we went over how to do preflight performance calculations, and talked through the checklist. Second day I flew for an hour and a half; we went to the practice area, afterwards my instructor landed, then had me takeoff, fly the pattern and then land. It was a blast!

Today a different instructor took me up and I practiced wide and tight circles (object reference), as well as some S-turns. I was the one who took off this time, but it was a little windy so I didn’t get to land today. They constantly are making sure you pay attention to the sight picture outside, so you get in the habit of not being sucked inside the cockpit. It was hooooot though so I was quite tired after a meal at home. I’m now studying the Garmin videos for my sim/flight tomorrow!

My email is zporter92@yahoo.com
You will have better luck with my phone though!
(850) 910-0078