Hey guys!

Ben again. Sorry for so many posts lately. I’m curious in my down time from instructing , what I can do to prep. myself for airline training when that time comes? I know I have at least 18 months until that time, but I’ve read how hard it can be / how the washout rates are so prevalent. I’m just curious what I can do to better my chances of success in the next year and a half or so to make it. As always, you guys rock. Thanks sincerely.



Honestly the best thing you can do is be a good instructor. People often ask what’s the best way to build time and I always answer instructing. Instructing (IF you care and aren’t simply counting hours) keeps you incredibly sharp. Your students will inevitably ask questions you won’t know which forces you into the books. You’ll also be demonstrating maneuvers, looking for traffic, making radio calls all while making sure Joe “I have 5000hrs MSFS” doesn’t kill you. Seriously there’s nothing better again provided you’re giving it your all.

As for reading I’m always loved " Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot". It has a ton of great info and it’s laid out like an encyclopedia so you can jump around for reference.



Adam’s right. Don’t lose sight of what you should be focusing on right now. But yes, the Everything Explained book is one of my favorites. It has part 121 specific chapters.

Once you get hired at a regional, find a mentor. The airline might have a mentor program or it could be your sim partner if you’re lucky. The reason I say this is because when you’re new it’s easy to lose track of what’s most important. Your mentor will be able to answer any questions you have along the way.



I am with Adam on this. Focus your energy on being a good instructor and doing the best possible for your students. Don’t try to be a jet pilot, that will come in time. Make sure that your skills and knowledge are up to par with what a CFI’s should be.